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Who We Are

The Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation (BHCF or Foundation) Registered Charity #683 supports the entire community of over 60,000 residents in Bermuda by discovering opportunities, seeking funding and enabling solutions for improving health experiences and outcomes.


The Foundation originated from the 2003 Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust (Trust) whose primary purpose spearheaded a capital campaign for the development of the new Acute Care Wing at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Paget. Known as “The Why It Matters Campaign”, the capital campaign was the most successful, largest fundraising campaign ever in Bermuda.


At the conclusion of the Why It Matters Campaign, members of the Trust sought to further support wellness initiatives to enhance the hospital and healthcare experiences.


This broadened scope led the Trust into forming a corporate structure now known as BHCF, or the Foundation, under bye-laws with conventional fiduciary duties, regulatory mandates and Board of Directors to ensure a modern charitable organization.


BHCF continually assesses potential initiatives, grants requests and sets out fundraising campaigns focused on its mission: “To enhance Health and the provision of Health Care in Bermuda”.

Our Mission

To enhance Health and Healthcare in Bermuda


Registered Charity #683


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Phone: 441.295.2428 or 239-1519